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Commonly asked questions and answers.
1. Upon placing an order, when will my order be shipped?
We normally ship the same day. Keep in mind that our UPS pick-up time is between 3:00 and 4:00 pm (Central time zone) daily.

2. How do you handle Backorders?
We do our best to ship "complete" orders each and every time. Occasionally, if we're missing an item or two we will contact you and ask your preference. To wait couple of days, or ship the backorder at a later date depending on the amount.

3. What if my check is returned due to Insufficient Funds?
Normally, we will contact you by phone and discuss it with you. You'll find that we are extremely flexible and we prefer to work with you in order to clear the matter. We will not impose a service fee. If the check is returned a second time, we will impose a $35.00 fee and require that all future payments be made with a credit card.

4. How do we get payment terms?
If you are well rated with JBT, credit will be automatically available in the amount not exceeding $500.00. Once we establish a relationship and all payments are made on time, we will extend credit in larger amounts which we will discuss at a later date. We will also fax you a credit application that we will evaluate apon receipt and extend credit accordingly.

5. If I am a wholesaler, what discounts will I receive?
We offer discounts to volume users, wholesalers, and other distributers. Discounts will be determined by the size of the order and at the time that it is placed. Please contact us for additional information.