About Georg Jensen Silver Jewelry Designer Torun Bulow-Hube

Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe, a Swedish jewelry designer born in 1927, is renowned for her exceptional contributions to the world of design, particularly in collaboration with Georg Jensen. Her partnership with the iconic Danish silverware and jewelry house resulted in the creation of the "Torun" collection, a groundbreaking cutting edge series introduced in 1967.

Torun 's design philosophy was deeply rooted in simplicity and elegance, while also be Avant Garde. Her work often embraced clean lines and minimalist forms, reflecting her Scandinavian design sensibilities. The "Torun" collection for Georg Jensen exemplifies this approach, featuring sleek and modernist pieces that effortlessly blend with the exceptional quality and skill of Georg Jensen crafting.

Throughout her career, Torun received numerous accolades for her work, including the prestigious Lunning Prize in 1959. Her legacy continues to influence the world of design, and her creations for Georg Jensen remain highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the enduring beauty and innovation of her designs.