About Taxco Silver Maker Raphael Dominguez

Raphael Dominguez was born in 1911 in the silver-rich town of Taxco, Mexico. He honed his craft under the tutelage of his father, Miguel Dominguez, a respected artisan in the local silver trade. This foundational apprenticeship rooted him firmly in the traditions and techniques of silver craftsmanship. For a brief period, Dominguez also worked with William Spratling, the American artist credited with Taxco’s silver renaissance in the 1930s. Spratling's influence was instrumental in shaping Dominguez’s own style, which seamlessly wove traditional Mexican designs with the modernist aesthetic. Dominguez’s work, recognized for its exceptional quality and cultural motifs, contributes significantly to the rich legacy of Taxco silver, and his pieces remain highly valued by collectors today.