About Silver Maker Ed Levin

Born in New York City in 1921, Ed Levin studied fine arts at Columbia University, then continued his studies in sculpture, painting, and ceramics with other notable artists and institutions. He became interested in jewelry design in the 1930s and then worked with a silversmith during an extended visit to Argentina in the 1940s. Levin returned to New York City and became a full-time jewelry craftsman. Early on, he designed his own tools, resulting in his jewelry being truly unique. In 1953, to escape city life, Levin moved to Vermont and eventually opened a retail store in Bennington. Later he expanded further by opening a production facility in Cambridge.

Ed Levin’s designs are known for their excellent craftsmanship and sensible designs that made them suitable for daily wear. Many of the designs reflect the craftsman period, as well as a genuine love of nature.