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Taxco Silver Jewelry

Vintage Taxco Silver Mexican Jewelry | Jeronimo Fuentes Enamel Swan Brooch

Vintage Taxco Silver Mexican Jewelry | Jeronimo Fuentes Enamel Swan Brooch

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This brooch from the Vintage Taxco Artisan Jewelry Collection exemplifies the high-quality craftsmanship of Jeranimo Fuentas. Known for his direction in the enameling process at Margot de Taxco's workshop, Fuentas played a pivotal role in developing the Champlevé enameling technique. This technique beautifully manifests in this brooch's design, featuring a swan in striking blue and green enamel. The intricate detailing and rich colors showcase Fuentas's exceptional skill. This brooch stands as a vibrant representation of Fuentas's expertise in the art of enameling.


Jewelry Maker: Jeronimo Fuentas        

Jewelry Type: Vintage Brooches | Pins

Hallmarks: Fuenta JF mark, Silver, Made in Mexico, 925, faded Mexican Eagle assayer's mark

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver

Weight: 6.9 grams

Dimensions: Length: 2 3/4"    Width:  1 5/8"      

A skilled silversmith replaced the safety clasp, which is in full working order.


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